Monday, January 18, 2010

Vashli Zazuna!

I hear tale that the hot ticket item in the US for Christmas this year was some kind of robot hamster. Well, I'm here to tell you all that I got something waaay better: a REAL hamster!

Reziko took note of my extreme love for cuddly, fuzzy animals and got me a little blondie, like me. We named her Vashli, which means “apple” in Georgian, in honor of this video, which Reziko and I got a real kick out of:

Here is a darkish webcam pick of Vashli:

She began her residence in the Gvarjaladze home in a plastic 20-liter wine jug, but it quickly became evident that she needed more space. My godfather, Iva, came to the rescue, hooking us up for cheap with a huge glass aquarium courtesy of his friends at the glass store next to his house.

Now Vashli spends here days sleeping in the foot of an old sock I gave her and her nights crawling all over us or trying to “swim” up the walls of the aquarium to reach the edge of the curtains hanging just on the other side of the glass. In this pursuit she also repeatedly jumps from the little fake wooden Christmas tree, or chichilaki, we gave her to gnaw on. This tickles me to no end, because she doesn't jump from four paws, but rather stands on her hind legs like a dinosaur and sort of hops toward the glass. Despite her lack of success, she's very determined, and will jump toward those curtains dozens of times a night. Too cute!

Last night I actually gave her the edge of the curtain, just to see what she'd do. Poor thing latched on and then just hung there, lacking the strength to hoist her round and fuzzy self further up. This makes me worry less about potential escape should the curtain accidentally hang into the aquarium one day.

It is perfectly allowable by US government agencies to bring a hamster into the country, but we'll have to talk with the airline and really consider whether Vashli would survive such a long and stressful trip. But we still have some time before those decisions have to be made, so for now I'm just enjoying having my little hamster around.

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